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The European Network of Ombudsmen for Children (ENOC) was formally established in June 1997, at a meeting in Trondheim, Norway. The Network links independent offices for children from twelve countries in Europe. Its aims are to encourage the fullest possible implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the child, to support collective lobbying for children’s rights, to share information, approaches and strategies, and to promote the development of effective independent offices for children.

The ENOC website is intended to share and promote the work of independent offices for children and is designed to initiate discussion and debate. The website is designed to:

Encourage and support networking and information sharing
Disseminate information about ENOC and its policy positions, as well as the structure and activities of its member offices
Help encourage the creation of independent offices for children in countries which do not currently have them
Support ENOC lobbying efforts by presenting current policy positions online




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